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Processing of an E-Document

The State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (SMC) accepts only documents having a secure electronic signature, for which file formats mentioned in Section 10 of the Cabinet Regulation No. 473 from 28 June 2005 Procedures for the Preparation, Drawing Up, Storage and Circulation of Electronic Documents in State and Local Government Institutions, and the Procedures by which Electronic Documents are Circulated between State and Local Government Institutions, or Between These Institutions and Natural Persons and Legal Persons* have been used, as well as the following file formats:

  1. for processed text – DOC and DOCX,
  2. for electronic tables – XLS and XLSX,
  3. portable document format PDF.

Documents having a secure electronic signature should be sent to the following e-mail address:

*) available in Latvian

In order to save clients’ time and money, the SMC offers a possibility to provide and receive information without visiting the institution in person, but instead use the single state and local government services portal

E-Services for Clients

Application to SMC for the Conducting of a Disability assessment

Application to Contest the Decision of a Disability

My Data at SMC

E-Services for General Practitioners

Medical Report (form 088/u) to SMC

Patient files of a general practitioner at SMC

E-Service for State and Local Government Institutions

Universal service for verification of disability status

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