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Information about the Procedure carried out by the General Practitioner

Disability is lasting or unceasing functioning limitation at grave, severe or moderate level that impacts the mental or physical abilities, working ability, self-care and social inclusion of the person.

The procedure for determinations of disability is governed by Cabinet Regulation No. 1209 from 28 December 2010 “Regulations Regarding the Criteria, Time Periods and Procedures for the Determination of Predictable Disability, Disability and the Loss of Ability to Work”.

Appointment of a person for a first-time disability expert-examination

The general practitioner or attending physician is entitled to appoint the following persons for a disability expert-examination:

  • an employed person – concurrently with the referral for extending a sick-leave certificate during temporary sick-leave;
  • an unemployed person – if he or she has continuously undergone medical treatment for at least the previous six months and it is confirmed by medical documents;
  • an employed or unemployed person with a severe, prognostically unfavourable disease or physical or mental capacity limitation caused by an anatomical defect acquired, which have been justified by a physician of the relevant speciality, regardless of the duration of medical treatment.

The role of a general practitioner and other specialists

In order to conduct a disability expert-examination, a person must first visit his or her general practitioner or attending physician, who shall decide whether to appoint the person to the State Commission for the conducting of the disability expert-examination.

The general practitioner or attending physician may involve a social worker, a clinical psychologist and physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) physician in the process of assessment and preparation of documents. When the general practitioner or attending physician has access to all the necessary information about the person, he or she shall fill in a form for appointment to the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (SMCAHCWA), add all the supporting documentation and issue them to the person for submitting to the SMCAHCWA.

Initiation of a disability expert-examination

In order to conduct a disability expert-examination, a person or his or her legal representative shall submit to the respective Section of SMCAHCWA an application asking for the disability expert-examination. It can be done in person, electronically according to the legislative enactments on execution of electronic documents or via mail.

The following documents must be added to the application:

  • the appointment to Commission by the general practitioner or attending physician (form No. 088/u);
  • Self-Assessment Form of Functional Abilities completed by the person or his or her legal representative (as of 1 January 2015);
  • other medical documentation of the person if the general practitioner or attending physician or the person himself considers it necessary for the disability expert-examination;

Based on the results of the expert-examination, the State Commission shall decide regarding the establishment of disability for the person.

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