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Disability assessment

Disability assessment

Disability is a long-term or permanent very severe, severe or moderate degree of limitation of functioning of an individual due to health condition (illness or injury).

Disability assessments are performed by medical expert doctors, who assess health condition and functional limitations of an individual and give an expert opinion to the decision maker.

For persons aged 18 and above the following disability groups are conferred, depending on the degree of  limitation of functioning:

I group — very severe disability; II group — severe disability; III group — moderate disability.

For persons of working age the loss of general work ability also shall be determined as a per cent: 80-100% in conjunction with I group; 60-79% in conjunction with II group and 25-59% in conjunction with III group.

For persons under 18 years of age the status of a “disabled child” is currently determined, without division into disability groups.


In order to apply for disability determination, a person shall submit to the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability the following documents:

  1. An application in person, electronically according to the legislative enactments on execution of electronic documents or using e-service, or via mail;
  2. Family or treating doctor’s Medical Report (form No. 088/u);
  3. Self-Assessment of Functional Abilities, if the assessment is to be conducted for a person aged 18 years and above;
  4. Sick-Leave (Certificate B), if such has been issued;
  5. Other documents if the doctor or the person himself considers them necessary for the assessment.
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