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State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (Commision) are direct administrative institution under the authority of the Minister of Welfare, whose function is to carry out predictable disability and disability expertise for persons specified in the Disability Law.


Fair and effective examination of predictable disability and disability for persons with functional limitations and determination of predictable disability, loss of disability and working capacity and medical indications for receiving state social benefits and services.


A compact, efficient and development-oriented state administrative institution with highly qualified staff, which is open and oriented towards providing the client's needs with a high institutional culture and employees' pride in belonging to the State Commission and the State of Latvia.


Ensure quality service provision, promote service availability and customer satisfaction with the services provided by the SMC.


  • Justice and fairness – we respect the equality of persons before the law, we are fair in applying laws and making decisions, fair in dealing with clients, colleagues and cooperation partners.
  • Professionalism – we continuously improve our professional knowledge and improve our skills. The knowledge to perform the duties of the position is at a high level.
  • Confidentiality – we observe confidentiality, we do not disclose or use for our own or other persons' interests the information obtained while performing our duties.
  • Respect for the customer – we are polite and correct in relation to any person, we simplify and improve the procedures for receiving services, we provide information about the possibilities of receiving services.
  • Rule of law – we comply with the requirements of regulatory acts in the provision of public services, ensure the consideration of complaints and contested decisions related to the provision of services, in case of service refusal or in the case of a negative decision, we justify the refusal based on the requirements of regulatory acts.

Public services

The services of the Commision can be requested and/or received in person at the regional structural units of the Commision , in the electronic environment on the portal and on the website of the Commision or by mail.

Commision offers the following services:

Customer Service Locations:

  • Riga joint department;

  • Customer service center in Daugavpils

  • Customer service center in Gulbene;

  • In Jelgava department;

  • Customer service center in Jekabpils;

  • In Kuldiga department;

  • In Liepaja department;

  • In Rezekne department;

  • In Valmiera department.

Information regarding the time of customer acceptance in regional units of the State Commission is available on the website of the State Commission and at customer service locations.

Information regarding the time of customer acceptance on pre-holiday days is published on the website of the State Commission in the section of the website of the regional unit and in customer service locations.

Customer service norms

  • To enable the customer to receive services in one visit and within the specified time by offering the use of mail or electronic communication channels;
  • To take care to reduce the processing time of service requests and the delivery of services while maintaining the quality of the service;
  • To examine complaints objectively and to eliminate the causes of the circumstances referred to in complaints;
  • Offer, as far as possible, services without a visit to the institution (including offering opportunities to submit service requests electronically);
  • Protect client privacy both by contacting him and by transmitting and storing his information.

The Customer has the right to expect employees to:

  • Carry out their duties in a practical manner and, in their best conscience, be competent, knowledgeable and accountable;
  • Comply with the requirements laid down in laws and regulations, ethical and behavioural norms;
  • Be kind, polite, tactical and equal;
  • Indicate the unit of the State Commission or another State or local government institution which is competent in solving the relevant issue, if it is not possible to provide a service within the scope of its work duties;
  • In case of refusal to provide a service, inform the reasons and base them on the requirements of regulatory enactments;
  • Acknowledge and apologise for their mistakes, putting the situation in favour;
  • Ensure the confidentiality of information provided by customers.

The Customer has the right to challenge (appeal) administrative acts issued by the State Commission

Within one month from the day of coming into force of the decision, it may be contested by submitting a submission to the head of the State medical Commission for Health and Working ability Expert-examination in Ventspils Street 53, Riga, LV-1002, or by using the e-service “request to challenge the decision of the disability Expert-examination” on the portal.

Collaboration will be successful if the customer:

  • Familiarise yourself with information on the services of the State Commission, evaluate and choose the most convenient way to request and receive the service;
  • Provide your contact phone or e-mail address so that employees of the State Commission can communicate if necessary;
  • Inform the regional unit or decision-contesting Commission of the State Commission of the delay in the previously arranged visit;
  • Treat with understanding the lawful requirements of the employees of the State Commission;
  • Produce a personal identification document if it is necessary for the receipt of the service;
  • Participate in customer surveys and assess the quality of services of the State Commission;
  • Inform the State Commission and express its opinion if the quality of the services provided by the State Commission does not satisfy;
  • In cases where the client is unable to communicate (including does not command Latvian) and accurately describe the nature of his or her problem, he or she will arrive together with the person who can help communicate, be able to outline the nature of the problem and ensure translation;
  • General courtesy and ethical standards will be observed at customer service locations, will not interfere with other customers and employees, will not take photographs or film employees, premises and other clients of the State Commission.

Communication options

The State Commission shall offer customers the following possibilities for communication with the State Commission:

  • Ask the State Commission by sending an e-mail address to the,
  • Ask a question by calling the State Commission's free information phone +37167614885 and +37129632807;
  • It is possible to draw up an oral submission (proposal, complaint) in writing and receive a copy only in the presence of the person. A submission made by telephone by a person shall not be accepted;
  • Send a written correspondence by post, addressing a submission to the State Commission for Health and Working ability Expert-examination doctors at 53 Ventspils Street, Riga, LV-1002 or submitting a submission in person to the State Commission and its regional units;
  • Meet with the Head or Deputy Head of the State Commission during the reception of residents (on Thursdays from 11.00 to 15.00), by pre-logging on +37167614885 or by using an electronic mail address in and indicating the purpose of the visit;
  • Contact information of territorial units of the State Commission and other up-to-date and useful information are available on the website of the State Commission in the section “Contacts” of the