Execution deadline in working days
Within one month from the date of submission of the application
Individual person
Receiving restrictions

The E-Service "Reissuance of the disability certificate” enables a disability certificate to be reissued until its actual expiration date in case of loss, damage or change of data.


A repeated disability certificate is issued only if there is a valid decision on disability. The certificate can be obtained and is:

  • lost;
  • damaged;
  • destroyed;
  • illegally seized;
  • personal data have changed;
  • the validity period of the license has expired or will soon expire in cases where the validity period of the issued license is less than a certain period of disability.

For the receipt of a repeated disability certificate, the person or the legal representative of the person shall submit a submission to the Commission:

  • using the "Reissuance of the disability certificate” e-service located in the (it is necessary to authorize an e-service with a secure electronic signature issued in Latvia or using internet banking authorisation data);
  • on-site in any of the Commission's departments or customer service centres,
  • by sending it by mail, indicating in the submission:
    • information regarding a person (given name, surname, personal identity number, address of the place of residence);
    • mode of communication (phone number or e-mail);
    • the reason for the reissue of the certificate;
    • the address to which the certificate is to be sent in a registered mail;
    • the application shall be accompanied by a previously issued disability certificate, if possible.

In accordance with Paragraph 22.5 of Cabinet Regulation No. 805, certificates returned and invalidated shall be destroyed by the Commission.

For the purposes of saving resources and time, we call for the use of the e-service Reissuance of the disability certificate”, let us know if the certificate has already expired, it will not be possible to complete the e-service.

Consultations about this and other services of the Commission can be obtained by calling +371 29 632 807 or +371 67 614 885, or by writing to e-mail: .