Execution deadline in working days
Within one month from the date of submission of the application
Individual person
Receiving restrictions

The service provides an opportunity for persons who have valid disability expert decisions to submit an online Commision application for disputing the disability expert-examination  decision within one month from the date of entry into force of the decision.


The decision can be contested within one month from the date of its entry into force, the administrative process in the Commision is initiated if the person has submitted a submission addressed to the head of the Commision:


  • using the portal E-Service "Disability expert examination of contesting the decision of the application";
  • a free form application by sending a mail item to Ventspils Street 53, Riga, LV-1002;
  • by sending documents signed with a secure electronic signature to e-mail or using an e-address;
  • personally at the Commision Document and Archive Management Department, Ventspils street 53, Riga, LV-1002
  • personally at the regional branch of the Commission which took the decision.

If a person has missed the deadline for contesting due to objective reasons, the deadline may be extended based on the application, specifying the circumstances that caused the deadline to be missed and submitting the relevant evidence.

The application shall be drawn up in conformity with the requirements of Section 56 of the Administrative Procedure Law:

  • the requirements of the National Language Law must be complied with;
  • the application must be signed;
  • must be accompanied by documents certifying authorization if there is representation.

The submission regarding the contesting of the decision shall indicate the data of the applicant:

  • given name, surname;
  • personal identity number;
  • correspondence address;
  • a decision which is contested;
  • the extent to which the decision is contested (all or part);
  • a request.

The application may also indicate the grounds for the challenge.

If the application for the challenge is expressed orally, the person responsible for the Commision shall draw up in writing in the presence of the person and the person shall sign it.