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In its operation and customer service, Commision observes the basic principles of state administration values and ethics - behavior and action - and the Customer Service Standard, thereby strengthening good management practices, ensuring employees' common understanding of the common values of the state institution and promoting public trust.

Commision values

Justice and fairness - we respect the equality of persons before the law, we are fair in applying laws and making decisions, fair in dealing with clients, colleagues and cooperation partners.

Professionalism - we continuously improve our professional knowledge and improve our skills. The knowledge to perform the duties of the position is at a high level.

Confidentiality - we respect confidentiality, do not disclose or use for our own or other persons' interests the information obtained while performing the duties of our office.

Respect for the customer - we are polite and correct in relation to any person, we simplify and improve the procedures for receiving services, we provide information about the possibilities of receiving services.

Rule of law - we comply with the requirements of regulatory acts in the provision of public services, ensure the consideration of complaints and contested decisions related to the provision of services, in case of service refusal or in case of a negative decision, we justify the refusal based on the requirements of regulatory acts.