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This service enables persons who are sent to an expert-examination of disability or predictable disability in the State Commission of Health and Capability Examiner Doctors to submit an application regarding the performance of an expert-examination of disability. The application shall be accompanied by a completed “Control Capability Self-Assessment Questionnaire for Persons 18 Years” and a “Dispatches to the State Commission of Health and Capability Examiner Doctors” prepared by the family or treating physician.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Documents required for disability expert-examination - an application, a personal capacity self-assessment questionnaire and a referral to the State Commission of Health and Health Examiner Doctors (form 088/u) may be submitted in person to the nearest VDEATH section, sent in a postal item or submitted in an e-service “Application TO THE STATE BOARD of Disability Examination”

  2. Receipt of services
    A decision, opinions and a disability certificate may be obtained on the spot, in a registered mail or in an e-service called “My Data TO THE VDEATH”.