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In what cases is an opinion given on the medical indications for special adaptation of a passenger car and receiving an allowance to compensate for transport expenses?

State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (hereinafter - Commision) provides an opinion on the medical indications for the special adaptation of a passenger car and receiving an allowance to compensate for transport expenses (hereinafter - an opinion on the transport allowance) for a person from the age of one year and six months, whose health disorders and functional limitations caused by them comply with Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 805 of December 23, 2014 "Regulations on the criteria, deadlines and procedure for determining predictable disability, disability and loss of working capacity" in Appendix 9 for the defined health condition and functional limitations.

Opinion shall be delivered at the same time as the adoption of a decision on the determination of the loss of disability/capacity. If an opinion for a transport allowance has not been provided by taking a decision regarding the determination of disability/loss of capacity, it may be requested, after taking the decision, by submitting an application to.

If, when determining disability, a person's health and functional status does not meet the criteria for issuing a favorable opinion for transport allowance, during the disability period, the person's health and functional condition changes or significantly deteriorates, after receiving the person's application, the SMC conducts a repeated expert-examination to determine the indications for receiving the transport allowance.

What aid does the person qualify for when he or she receives an opinion on the transport allowance?

The possibility of receiving a benefit for the reimbursement of transport expenses to a person who has a disability for himself or the child of whom has been determined and to issue an opinion for a transport allowance, from the State Social Insurance Agency (hereinafter - SSIA). Allowance for the compensation of transport expenses for persons with disabilities who have reduced mobility. 

Opportunity to receive a disabled parking card in the customer service centres of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (RTSD) - Parking card for people with disabilities

Special adjustment of the vehicle according to the needs of a person with reduced mobility. Detailed information is available on the website of the National Social Inclusion Agency - Car Customisation