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Where do I give an opinion on the need for the satellite service?

State Commission for Health and Health Assessment Doctors (hereinafter - VDEATH) shall provide a new type of opinion from 1 July 2021 - an opinion regarding the necessity of the satellite service (hereinafter - opinion regarding the satellite) in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 805 of 23 December 2014, Regulations regarding the criteria for determining the loss of predictable disability, disability and capacity, time limits and procedures':


    • Opinion on the need for an satellite service * VDEATH shall be provided to a person with disabilities aged 5 to 18 who has significant mobility problems and has not been identified as a medical indication for the need for special care if meets one of the following criteria:
      1. specified medical indications for the special adjustment of the passenger car and for the reimbursement of the allowance for transport costs;
      2. damage to the anatomical structures of the visual organ with a maximum correction of visual acuity in the better-visual eye, less than 0,1, or narrowing of the field of vision in the better-visual eye to 20 degrees from the fixation point;
      3. moderate seizures of epilepsy (small seizures several times a week, large seizures up to four times a month);
      4. moderate mental backwardness.

    * except for persons who are in a long-term social care institution, a hospital medical facility or a prison facility.

    The opinion of shall be delivered at the same time as or after the adoption of the disability decision. . If the opinion regarding the guide has not been delivered at the same time as the disability decision, the opinion may be requested by submitting the APPLICATION OF THE VDEAC. .

    In order to receive an opinion regarding the necessity of the satellite service, the legal representative of the child with disabilities must submit an application to THE VDEATH.


    What aid can be obtained with an opinion on the satellite?

    The procedures and content for the granting of satellite services to minors with disabilities shall be determined by Cabinet Regulation No. 316 of 18 May 2021 "Regulations regarding the provision of assistant, satellite and care services for persons with disabilities.