Execution deadline in working days
Within one month from the date of submission of the application
Individual person
Receiving restrictions

The service shall enable persons who are sent to an expert-examination of disability or predictable disability in the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (SMC) to submit an application to the SMC regarding the performance of the disability expert-examination.


Determination of disability

Expertise of disability or working capacity is carried out for a person with physical or mental health disorders due to which:

  • the person has been in continuous treatment for at least six months before the date of the expert-examination;
  • the person has experienced stable functional limitations, and this is confirmed by medical documents.

If a person's health disorders are severe and have an unfavorable prognosis or stable functional limitations have arisen, it is possible to apply for a disability expert-examination sooner than six months after consulting with treating doctor.

In order to carry out a disability examination, a person must first go to their attending physician who after evaluating the person's health condition and functional limitations, will refer them to the relevant specialists, prescribe the necessary examinations and if necessary send them to the SMC for a disability expert-examination.

In order to carry out the expertise, a person or his legal representative (for a minor - parents or guardians, guardian; in other cases - a person with a notarized power of attorney) must submit to the SMC:

  • application;
  • referral to SMC (form No. 088/u), documents in the annex thereto;
  • if the examination will be carried out due to an occupational disease for which an opinion has been issued to the person, the opinion of the commission of doctors of the VSIA "Paula Stradiņa Clinical University Hospital" Occupational and Radiation Medicine Center is attached to the referral to the SMC (form No. 088/u) in which the occupational disease was found.

A submission and documents in paper format may be submitted:

  • personally in any regional division of SMC throughout Latvia;
  • sending in a mail to any regional division of SMC.

A submission and documents may be submitted electronically:

If the SMC expert has sufficient information and it is not contradictory, the disability examination is carried out without the presence of the person.

If the SMC expert does not have sufficient information or it is contradictory, the assessment of a person's health disorders and functional abilities is carried out in the person's presence, in coordination with the time and place of the assessment of the person.

Based on the results of the examination, the SMC makes a decision whether to determine a person's disability. Disability is determined for a certain period or without repeated disability examination period (forever):

  • for a person under the age of 18: for one, two, five years or until the age of 18;
  • for a person from the age of 18: for six months, one, two, five years or without a repeated disability examination period (forever).

The day when a person submits an application to the SMC with a request for a disability examination is recognized as the date of disability determination.